18 October 2019

Moderated at the FUTR ASIA Summit

Our Co-founder, Saki Kobayashi, has moderated two panels on the future of CX&LOYALTY and MOBILE&SOCIAL at the FUTR ASIA Summit 2019 (16th October – 17th October 2019, Singapore).

1st Session

CX & LOYALTY Technology, brand management & infrastructure in CX. Matching physical & digital experiences

Online to offline customer experiences & expectations, are all about making them seamless and in synergy, so what tools for measurement like customer journey mapping are of best use today? How can technology be used as an enabler to improve CX? Brand alignment and channels working in unison with CX is critical but how is this implimented in terms of infrastructure? Caring for the customer is always first.

AXA CHINA & HONG KONG Sudesh Thevasenabathy Head of Customer Care Management
MOENGAGE Kshitij Hastu Head of Growth (SEA)
NTUC LINK Sisir Mohapatra Head - Business Operations & Consumer / Partner Services
Moderated By  
Saki Kobayashi Co-Founder

2nd Session

MOBILE & SOCIAL The continuing importance of multichannel social, video & voice. Underestimate at your peril.

Mobile is by far today (and for the immediate future) the most important channel when it comes to reaching and getting closer to the connected consumer any time of day. Voice is beginning to take a larger role in the marketing mix and the importance of video just continues to rise. What social marketing tools, strategies and channels are key to gaining consumers attention? How will we search in 2020 & beyond (voice or visual anyone)? What AI-based solutions can help capture, learn, blend and create actionable insights on mobile and social channels to convert data into sales conversions? How can you engage customers throughout the entire journey, from research to payment and develop customer loyalty?

TELSTRA Todd Bates Head of International Marketing
INDO+SUISSE GROUP Gen Lehn Regional Director of Business
PFIZER UPJOHN Nicolas Bargas ASEAN Omni-Channel Lead
PARK HOTEL GROUP Tan Shin Hui Executive Director
Moderated By  
Saki Kobayashi Co-Founder