01 June 2021

EnerScale Closed Beta is now available for trials

We are pleased to announce that EnerScale Beta is now available to select partners.

EnerScale is an AI-powered, next-generation Energy Data Intelligence Platform that provides predictive analytics for the off-grid solar energy sector in emerging markets, particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa.

In the coming months, we will be launching a series of beta versions (currently under R&D) to enhance our technical capabilities.

Through this beta version, we will be testing:

  • Basic data analytics (historical analysis, fault detection, optimal PV sizing & site analysis)
  • Predictive fault detection and diagnosis (deep-learning)
  • Site-specific solar power forecasting (deep-learning)
  • Automatic input data cleaning
[EnerScale Beta Partnership Program]

If you are facing one of these challenges, get in touch with us. We’d love to work with you.

  • You are collecting data from your Solar Home Systems (SHS) or mini-grids systems — but your data is underutilized or unused.
  • You have access to basic data analytics tools — but are looking for more comprehensive data analytics/decision-making tools.
  • Your data analytics platform (in-house or third-party platform) is not tailored to emerging markets or is priced too high.
  • Your data analytics platform (in-house or third-party platform) is not flexible enough or customizable.

If you are interested in this beta partnership, please get in touch by emailing our Partnership team.

EnerScale Beta Partnership Program

Email: partnership@enerscale.co

With the mission to scale up clean energy access in emerging markets, our team will be working further to enhance EnerScale, the next-generation Energy Data Intelligence Platform.