01 April 2023

EnerScale Closed Beta version 3 is now available

We are pleased to announce that EnerScale Closed Beta version 3 is now available to select partners. In the latest version, we have updated the calculation algorithm of solar PV degradation rate, one of the main indicators to assess whether a solar panel can be reused or needs to be recycled. The update also allows users to estimate the soiling loss quantitatively.

Some of the main updates include:

  • Solar PV degradation rate that (a) factors in the environmental factors, such as temperatures and wind speed, and (b) filters out causes of production loss other than age degradation
  • Cumulative degradation rate
  • Introduction of data validity check for the soiling loss calculation
  • Quantitative possibility of production loss due to the solar panel soiling
  • Switching between production-based mode, mainly for grid-based systems, and battery-based mode, mainly for off-grid systems

EnerScale is currently under the R&D phase and is only available to select partners. If you are interested in using our technology/services, PoC partnership, or other collaboration opportunities, please email us at the addresses below.

[Contact information]

  • For partnerships and other inquiries (Business Development): biz@enerscale.co
  • For media inquiries (PR): press@enerscale.co