19 January 2024

Lecture on Singapore’s Innovation Ecosystem

In 2019, Yokohama declared itself “Innovation City Yokohama.” The city has since implemented various initiatives to foster Yokohama-born innovation through industry-government-academia collaboration. Yokohama Future Organization is an innovation development organization that promotes industry-academia-government partnerships, the foundation for the Innovation City Yokohama (YOXO) initiative. Recently, Saki Kobayashi, our co-founder, who was raised in Yokohama, was invited as a lecturer to give a lecture on Singapore’s Innovation Ecosystem.

During the lecture, Kobayashi covered the following topics from the perspective of a Singapore startup:

  1. A general overview of Singapore’s innovation ecosystem
  2. How events could help promote innovation ecosystems
  3. Open innovation initiatives and partnerships between startups and large corporations

EnerScale will continue to play a role in fostering innovation ecosystems globally, including in Yokohama.


Yokohama Future Organization